Strindberg Project

Our Time is Now

By Ted Lennartsson

A lovely time
Time pass
Time goes by

TV star

Second city
Tram way and sparkling bubbles from the bar

You have a flat
On your own
Inherited, liasons by family

Oh (McCuze)
Your feathers
Guess you've heard

But then
Judgement and class
For the future that lasts
A good-time now
Instead of the Snowp-ish
Ephemeral Strindberg Project
Carved in sand
Diluted and erased by by waves of stone
Boner T.E.D. Lennartsson

Hope the good time
May last – you
Beauty on the line 
Of border

Snowp is 4-ever 8ne
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Published: January 7, 2021, 7:47 pm