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Mr. Street

A Poem By Vips

How Mr. Street was stepped upon
it never seemed to stop
Crumbs of him were falling off
they got to where they got

How Mr. Street had other dreams
before it came to this
He dreamed of days when he was grass
and rainy days were bliss

Being grass was very green
with wind and sun and friends
he swayed and drank and soaked like mad -
but all times have their ends

Down he went in cold deep rock
so far away from rain
But come the drill in eager hands
his course would change again

Be glad you will see sun tonight!
They told him as he left
As he was spinning way to quick
away from his old nest

Then Mr. Street got stiff and hard
no hope left in his chest
Soles and bikes and heavy cars
his heart and soul depressed

But a crumb of Street that still could feel
got stuck beneath a shoe
and traveled far and through a door
and found a home with... you!
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Published: September 18, 2010, 7:32 pm
Tags : sad, happy, happysad,