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The Stuffer

A Short Story By Vips

The Stuffer was on the move, driving to his next meal in his large SUV.

In a way, gluttony is an athletic feast, said the Stuffer, shuffling at his all-yellow food, lovingly feeling his belly expand beneath his muumuu like a Zeppelin. A stretching exercise!

The Stuffer: popping Snicker bars as they were M&Ms, having a whale of a time!

The Stuffer: tectonically moving towards the ice cream truck a man mountain, a type 2 diabetes in human skin. Paddle-shaped arms! Shiny face! Cursing discriminatory airplane seats and doorways for narrow people.


No one would ever suspect that inside the Stuffer, was a thin person.

Yes, a thin person.

Actually, Charlie was his name, and one day in the early 80's, Charlie began to gain weight.

Charlie didnt think much of it at the time.
"Empty plate-club!" said his mother.
"Empty plate-club," thought Charlie and before he knew much more, he was hidden buried  in wads of yellow-white fat, lost to all his old means of communication.

Sometimes, when all was quiet around the Stuffer, Charlie would collect all the air he could find and scream.

Help! Help! he screamed. In here! Im in here!

But all he managed to produce was a wobbly motion or a wheeze, and all he could hear was the slushing sound of throttled veins, of fluid struggling to reach a hypertense heart, which Charlie no longer knew if it belonged to him, or to the Stuffer.  
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Published: September 18, 2010, 8:26 pm
Tags : fat, sad