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The Strindberg Guild

Strindberg Project

The Strindberg Guild

The Strindberg Guild is a society, within the Strindberg Project, dedicated to contributors providing excellence in regard of their achievement for the project. Strindberg Guild status may not be considered a universal guarantee for virtue, exceeding the boundaries of the Strindberg Project, however a certain mark of dignity within it's frame.

The Strindberg Guild is open for anyone, willing to make extraordinary efforts for the sake of Strindberg.

For more info, contact guild(at),
or we contact you.

The Strindberg Guild


Jeremy NEW!
Julien Mercier NEW!
Mathias Worbin NEW!
Hakan Bilgin
Ola Persson
Samuel Nyholm
Ted Lennartsson
Magdalena Lublin
Nadine Byrne
Claudia Mougin
Olga Pedan
Cornel Windlin
Timothy Chilman
Stephan Müller

The Strindberg Guild are honoured to present the three Guild Premium awardees of the month October in year 2010:

Shine, divine light, over Mathias Worbin and the bagatelle "Gitarren väntar på sina ackord" . Please accept "Living My Life" by Emma Goldman, as Guildish appreciation.

Per annum, hallowed be thou, Julien Mercier . Hallowed be also thy poetical achivements and "Impious" in particular. "Selected Poems 1908-69" by Ezra Pound will fly to you, like a white dove, loaded with Guildish appreciation to shine over you and your creative mind.

Jeremy is awarded the premium premium: "Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid" by Douglas Hofstadter, especially for the poem "my chest is burning" . We welcome you to the Guild with our uttermost sincere proof of Guildish appreciation.

All three writers have earned lifetime membership of the Strindberg Guild .

Apart from the good news we also have some bad news to deliver: Berty Dastard has been expelled from the International High IQ Society, despite his extra ordinary achievements. We pity their decision, but have underline, at the same time: at the Strindberg Project, anyone can write what ever they want. If you are lucky your work will render Guildship and premium!