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What is important to consider when writing an essay - A Short Story By Dylan Williams On Strindberg Project

Strindberg Project

What is important to consider when writing an essay

A Short Story By Dylan Williams

My first impressions of the site were ordinary. Nothing jumps out to grab my attention, and it's instantly noticeable that the site is filled with unnecessary filler content. The very best aspect of the website is the easy to navigate menu near the top of the page. There is also no instant purchase form on the homepage meaning students might need to search it out via the site.
Utilizing the pricing site, a ten-page essay (2,500 words) with a 48-hour deadline with Harvard citations will put you back around $300. There's an automatic reduction available that will take down that around $284.
QualitySince there's not any 'Review' or'Testimonials' page, it can be difficult to judge the quality of the custom writing service. After searching online, I immediately discovered that the site was renowned for its bad quality. These assignments included simple errors from punctuation and grammatical mistakes to entire articles that had high levels of plagiarism or obviously had not been composed by a native English speaker as promised.
Customer supportIf you do decide that is your custom essayssos review service for you, you'll find a couple ways to contact the company if you want to. Referring to this contact page, you will come across that a US and UK phone number along with an email form you can fill out. It's well worth noting that out of these regions, and you'll be billed international calling rates which could become fairly expensive. There's also an online live chat, but this isn't 24-hour.
ConclusionDespite having a few positive attributes, EssaysSOS leaves a great deal to be desired. With poor quality content for high prices, most pupils will gain from taking their custom writing assignments everywhere. Hopefully, the website will pick up and update its own features however, in the meantime, it is better off avoided.

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Published: June 28, 2021, 6:22 pm
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