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Dark Web Vendor arrested - By Jimmy On Strindberg Project

Strindberg Project

Dark Web Vendor arrested

By Jimmy

A dark web vendor located in North Texas pleaded guilty to drug conspiracy charges. The vendor sold drugs sold drugs online for almost a year and used the money he earned was used to pay his mortgage. The dark web vendor named Aaron Brewer, aged 39, created vendor profiles on dark web markets that he used to sell heroin and cocaine to people who lived in the Dallas Fort Worth area. He also exported to other parts of the country. The allegations were made by the United States Attorney for the Northern District of Texas at his court hearing. Brewer was paid with bitcoin on his dark web vendor accounts and whenever he received the payment he would ship the drugs through the United States Postal Service (USPS). dark web dark web markets darkweb links
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Published: December 18, 2020, 1:19 pm